Get out there!

With this beautiful weather that is upon us, whether you’re in Michigan, Florida, Colorado, Southern California or Northern California…don’t waste away the day and get out there for a little sweat!  Show Summer… Continue reading

Loving these looong weekends.

Ahhh….some of the looks we wharf swimmers receive after we get out of the water.  Swimming from Cowell’s beach south to the main beach around the wharf, it was pretty choppy.  Reminded me… Continue reading

OC Marathon!

What a weekend!  Sara and I drove 101 South down to Costa Mesa to crash at the Hilton Costa Mesa / Orange County.  Really nice hotel with plenty of accomodations for runners down… Continue reading

Race Report – 4/20/14 Silicon Valley Super Sprint

Hosted by USA Productions. Moved from Uvas in Morgan Hill, CA to Half Moon Bay, CA.. .35 mile swim, 9.5 mile bike and 5K (haha – I laugh because you’ll read why). Started at… Continue reading


What crosses your mind when you hear the word “sponsorship”?  Yeah…it scared me, too… But, after some research I figured that this could only benefit myself and the other party involved.  This has… Continue reading

Ironman Training – Saturdays

On a solid 40 mile training ride this morning, it was quite clear that California is a triathlete’s playground. As I cruised along strawberry broccoli fields, I’m reminded on another beautiful day of… Continue reading


I may not be alone in this, but I find it tough to watch the 2014 Sochi Olympics as an athlete…more so this year than ever. Perhaps growing up in the midwest, playing… Continue reading


What better way to start off a post about my upbringing in Michigan than to state that I live in beautiful, sunny Northern California now! With the winter/polar “vortex” that is going on… Continue reading

Hafa Adai!

Hello, my friend!  Relaxing on a Sunday here in Guam listening to the Detroit Tigers.  Waiting for the typhoon remnants to dissipate so I can get outside for my long training run of… Continue reading