Few weeks out!

What starts to happen to the mind a few weeks out to an Ironman is simply put, amazing! Yet terrifying! Every little ache & pain is swirling in my head and providing me… Continue reading

Santa Cruz Triathlon – Olympic Distance

September is always a great time of year in the Monterey Bay area, specifically in Santa Cruz. This year proved to be especially active with a near record amount of triathlons. Originally signed… Continue reading

The most beautiful race in the world! Pacific Grove Triathlon

Entering this event, I had a few goals in the mind after placing 2nd in my age group the year before. The loftiest of the goals was that I was going for the… Continue reading

What was never meant to be – IM 70.3 Lake Tahoe

Well, I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the happenings up at Ironman Lake Tahoe and Ironman Lake Tahoe 70.3. This is more of a recap of the weekend, rather than the… Continue reading

Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens

Entering the year with a clearly defined goal has helped me set up a successful training plan. Having a training plan and sticking to it has dramatically increased my overall stability within the… Continue reading

Swim on!

When was the last time you felt great about a swim workout? I mean really great…not just “I made it through and didn’t drown on the 3,500 yards”. Believe it or not, I… Continue reading

Recovery Related

As I’m writing my next race report for the TWO races I competed in this weekend, I was painfully aware that my body is incredibly sore! (insert plug here 🙂 I then reached… Continue reading

Repeat Offenders

June 29th, 2014 marked the first ever triathlon that I repeated.  Although I was excited to come back and beat my time, a change in the bike course ultimately meant that this was… Continue reading

Repetitive Motion

What is your drive? Have you always had the drive? Or does somebody inspire you and build that drive up? The ability for the human body to continuously pound and grind on the… Continue reading

Crazy Ride!

Saturday morning started a bit different than most other Saturday mornings.  Sara had an old friend in town from back in Michigan to look at wedding dresses, so the night before we spent… Continue reading