Race Report – The Dream Mike 5K

IMG_5914What is it about racing that is so addicting?

So Sara has her bachelorette party down in Monterey and Carmel and the first thing I do is look for a race. Not to go out with the guys and party, but to push myself to the point of lung explosion.

I wanted to bed up to San Jose to drop off our wedding rings for an appraisal, so I looked for a race up in Silicon Valley to see what the runners are like up there. Up popped a run called The Dream Mile and I selected the 5k. I emailed the director and opted for a race day entry and planned to wake up at 5 and get on my way.

The morning, as always, comes way too soon and before you know it I was driving Hwy 17 for South San Jose. I found a parking spot a half mile away and walked on over to check out the scene. The 5k started at 8:20 so I had plenty of time for a proper warm up.

Up to the starting line of this fast and flat 5k course. Stood next to a shorter but stronger young man and asked him what his goal was. “Under 18”, he said. My goal would be two minutes behind him and my first proper attempt to break the 20 minute barrier.

Off goes the gun and the 7 strong competitors go off sprinting to be ahead of the field. A couple tight turns and a few hurdles over some geese and we were out on the path for an out and back section.

To beat a 20 minute 5k, the pace must be quicker than a 6:27 mile, on average. I knew I was in trouble when I ran my first mile at 6:00 even. Way too fast and I paid for it on my second mile, which ended up coming in at a solid 7:00 pace. The third mile was just trying to control my breathing, telling myself to keep form and keep my shit together!

Seeing the finish line I started to pick up the pace. Unfortunately, I missed one of he final turns by 5-6 feet and had to curve and backtrack. This didn’t add on too much to my final time which I was able to clock in at 20:07……so incredibly close!! I know that I’ll be able to break it very soon here with some more speed work.

6th overall and 3rd in my Age Group for a nice, pretty medal to add to the collection!

Tips to take away:

  • My Mizuno Universe race shoes worked perfectly!! They were light, unencumbering and provided enough protecting for my feet.
  • I need to plan ahead a bit more of when I’ll be trying to race for a PR. The day before the race I biked 40+ miles with over 3,500 ft of elevation gain (Mountain Charlie) and I’m sure my legs weren’t in proper PR 5k form.
  • Most importantly, I need to run the first mile exactly on pace for the average I want. My first mile should have been 26 seconds slower which would have allowed me to run my second mile 34 seconds quicker which averages out faster than how I raced.

A great race in a really flat course. Not sure I’ll find another course that’s that flat.

Now I’m preparing for the big wedding day on July 17th and continuing to stay in shape!

Get out there and continue to crush it!!!!!