Speed work…does it work?

How does one plan on going faster without testing the limits? The redline needs to be reached!!

Without speed work and simple tempo runs throughout the training program, one will simply continue to remain at the same pace with a very slight increase of speed solely due to strength increase. But if you never run 200’s, 400’s, 800’s or 1,600’s at 5k pace or quicker, how will you know what you body goes through at that speed? How quick your body relieves itself of lactic acid?

So this week I challenge you to get out to the local track near your house and run laps. Run a lap hard and then walk/jog a lap. Run another lap hard and then walk/jog a lap. I promise that by the end of the week when you run another tempo run it’ll be just a tad quicker 🙂

Go out there and enjoy the fresh air!!!!!

Remember why you’re doing this…smile and push until you’re about to break!



#BioSkin recovery! Don’t forget to take care of your body after speed work…it will be sore!