Rain = Trainer

It is known around the nation that California is in a drought. With this drought comes neighbor shaming for water-abuse, high price of local vegetation and cancelled triathlons.

Slowing coming into the winter season, known as the “wet season”, it is a welcome sound at 6 am of the sounds of rain drops hitting the aluminum gutters, the roof and all of the wonderful splashes.

Now, the downside you ask? The Saturday morning long rides through the mountains. Through the roads that somedays only see 10 vehicles pass and bombing hills at over 35 mph.

Yet you must try to get through a 2:45 session on the trainer. A few options:
1. YouTube channels with auto-videos
2. Ironman DVD’s (this is a must)
3. Climbing/Skiing videos…these guys keep you entertained for hours!

Have fun out there. Get outside!!!! 🙂