What was never meant to be – IM 70.3 Lake Tahoe

Well, I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the happenings up at Ironman Lake Tahoe and Ironman Lake Tahoe 70.3. This is more of a recap of the weekend, rather than the race that didn’t happen.
I drove up to Truckee on Monday from Santa Cruz for work, as this also allowed me to acclimatize prior to the race. Once I merged off of the 5 onto the 80, I was in a different world full of smoke and confusion.
The only time up at the Tahoe region that I could train outside is before work at 6:00 AM. Once noon starting approaching, the winds would change and you could see the smoke come in.
Sara flew up on Thursday night from San Jose. She worked from the hotel on Friday and I went to the Ironman Village at Squaw Valley for athlete check-in and to check out all of the vendors.
We drove down to South Lake Tahoe for Sara’s 12k trail race in which she placed 3rd in her age group. This was a single-track race and, since she started near the back of the entire starting corral, she wasn’t able to pass many runners until openings allowed her to.
Happy Days
Driving back up to Truckee was beautiful along the lake. Next we went to T1 for bike check-in and I was able to get in a 15 minute swim in the illustrious waters of Lake Tahoe. I had such an absolutely beautiful time!!! The water didn’t taste like salt or engine oil that the water near Cowell’s Beach does in Santa Cruz. A picture perfect morning!
Steve Jumping
The next morning as I was in T1 prepping my bike, I knew that the full-distance pros were in the water getting warmed up. Must have been around 6:50 AM when a woman came into transition and said that they cancelled the race. Nobody believed her as our reasoning was that they would have announced it. I turnaround and I see Sara, my fiancée, in transition and I ask her what’s she doing in there. “They cancelled the race” was her response with tears in her eyes. She knew how hard this would be for me with all of the work and training I have put into this.
The Fog
Our next move was to get home asap. We took the shuttle back to Squaw to get my car, then drove back to Kings Beach T1 and picked up my bike and then drove to the hotel where we quickly packed up and then drove home.
Believe it or not that after a 5 ½ hour drive back to Santa Cruz, I was pretty exhausted. But I still had a pretty big void in my training for Ironman Arizona on this specific Sunday. So I packed up two water bottles, some gels and headed over to west cliff drive to run a half marathon 
Cheers! See you at Ironman Arizona!!!!