Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens

Entering the year with a clearly defined goal has helped me set up a successful training plan. Having a training plan and sticking to it has dramatically increased my overall stability within the sport of triathlon, my family life and overall success in achieving happiness.
Entering this race, knowing full well that I was trained enough and ready, my only concern was that Sara was not in Washington with me. For this race, I think this turned into a blessing (until after the race when I direly missed her).
I prepaid for parking so I was able to get there well in advance, go hit the restrooms with plenty of time and get my transition set up accordingly. A very small warm up got me warm and loose for the swim start. I hit it off hard to stay in the front of the pack for the first 30 seconds as to not get kicked in the face. I tried to stick to the outside of the swim pack to pass the slower swimmers. I did learn that I should not have any form of Gatorade or electrolyte drink before the race as it creates too much saliva in my mouth and it creates a troubled time breathing after about 10-12 minutes.
Exciting the swim and quickly jumping on my bike, I was off! This was an amazing 56-mile bike route that always had you guessing! Arizona, later in November, will be flat, fast and straight. This course was always changing in elevation, never a flat surface. A few really steep hills and always winding around curves. I was slightly concerned that Ironman officially had this at about 2,000 feet of elevation gain, yet my Garmin had nearly 3,600 feet of elevation gain…and my experience had me near the 3,600 feet of elevation gain.
I continued to play a game of cat and mouse with Julie Vieselmeyer. She seemed to catch me and drag me along on the flatter sections while I passed her on the hills (Thank you, Santa Cruz). One of the moments where I was passing her I mentioned “Looks like we’ll be doing this all day” with a reply of “Yeah, but I’ll kick your ass on the run!” Oh man was she correct!
Slipping out of my shoes and jumping off my bike as I rushed into T2, I was flying through and well ahead of where I wanted to be!
Quick transition with socks and my Pearl Izumi tri-shoes, I rubbed the sweat off of my sunglasses on a volunteer’s shirt (Thank you!) and started off on the run.
Perhaps I started too quick…but it is so easy to start off running at a 7:15 pace! 🙂 I had to tell myself out loud to slow down. As expected, my running pace continuously slowed down per mile from my first few miles which were in the 7’s. I still ended up running a 1:50 half-marathon, which is an incredible improvement over my Ironman 70.3 Cozumel half-marathon.
The race was a huge success! An official time of 5:14:30, I PR’d by over 51 minutes! That is unheard of!
Thank you to all of my friends and family for their support and their ability to push me through!
Thank you to #BioSkin for my recovery calf sleeves!
Thank you to #saltedcaramel for the wonderful caffeine push near the end of the run!