Repeat Offenders

June 29th, 2014 marked the first ever triathlon that I repeated.  Although I was excited to come back and beat my time, a change in the bike course ultimately meant that this was a completely new race…

Swim (31:02): I was a bit disappointed with my swim split as I’ve been working a few long hours on my swim.  I felt great the entire time, but my sighting was a bit “back and forth”.

2014 CIT Water Exit










T1 (1:13): I have been practicing a quick transition with my Specialized tri-shoes already attached to the bike.  No struggles getting the wetsuit off and then grabbed my bike and off I went…

2014 CIT Finish

Bike (1:10:53): Legs felt good out of the gate.  There were a few rolling hills heading up the new route into a canyon north of Livermore.  As we made the U-turn on the way back, I had all the fuel I needed on my bike (blatter and tri-bar bottle) so I kept crusin’ through.  My recent bike setup on #TheKraken is a bit too aero (Is that possible?), too low.  My arms and neck start to cramp up 15 miles into the ride, so I had to come out of aero position a few times.
Great bike split averaging well over 20 MPH!

T2 (1:16): Picked up a new pair of Pearl Izumi tri-shoes, but they give me blisters if I don’t utilize socks.  So this transition took just a few additional seconds as I had to sit and put on my socks.

Run (48:21): Coming into the run with a quad that was strained a week prior, I knew that I didn’t want to push it too hard and cause further injury.  As we always do, I told myself to start off slow and before I knew it a 7:10 mile was behind me.  After my first of two laps, I saw my fiancée and she gave me my split.  I knew then I would have to run a 22 minute 5K on the second lap to beat my ultimate goal of 2:30:00.
In the end, my run time was still pretty solid with an under 8:00 pace.  My final time was 2:32:45, much better than my race time last year of 2:51.  First and only Olympic/International race of the year complete and I’m well on my way to my two 70.3’s and my Ironman!