Repetitive Motion

What is your drive?
Have you always had the drive? Or does somebody inspire you and build that drive up?
The ability for the human body to continuously pound and grind on the repetitive motions and a generally high level of output is, simply put, amazing.
I’ve been hitting it hard after my bike crash in late May on Hwy 1 just North of Davenport. All of this building is for a specific reason, and that reason is occurring this Sunday in Pleasanton, California at the California International Triathlon. This will be the first triathlon that I have raced two years in a row, with the Pacific Grove Sprint happening later this September.
My eye is all healed up (thanks to the maderma w/ SPF 30), my shoulder is all solid, yet my left quad is still “providing” me with some minor issues. We’ll see how she holds out in the hellish heat this Sunday.