Loving these looong weekends.

Ahhh….some of the looks we wharf swimmers receive after we get out of the water.  Swimming from Cowell’s beach south to the main beach around the wharf, it was pretty choppy.  Reminded me of the video from a few weeks back of the New Zealand Open Water Swimmer in the rough water; it looked beautiful.

So we kicked off the long weekend with a good mile wharf swim.  Saturday morning I was able to head out with an ex pro cyclist for a route which I now coin as “Wash & Tumble”.  55 miles with 4,954 feet of climbing in just over 4:15.  My legs were SCREAMING during some of these climbs as I was unsure if I was able to get my feel over the pinnacle of my stroke.

After the ride I enjoyed a wonderful Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and some food.  This morning called for a 1:50 run, so I headed to Nisene Marks State Park where the trails are endless.  I ran 4.99 miles out to the epicenter of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.  Beautiful run and then I headed back off-road on the trails for a good 11.5 mile run.

Now the Sunday errands are on the plate, some Pizza My Heart and wedding planning with my beautiful Sara!