OC Marathon!

What a weekend!  Sara and I drove 101 South down to Costa Mesa to crash at the Hilton Costa Mesa / Orange County.  Really nice hotel with plenty of accomodations for runners down for the OC Marathon.  We enjoyed the race expo and enjoyed a quick run with some Hoka’s…I need to get myself a pair.

Race morning brought plenty of anxiety as the race started at 5:30 AM.  Sara was off and running the full 26.2 mile marathon and I had to wait another 45 minutes for my 13.1 mile half-marathon.

As we knew it would get quite hot and humid, we didn’t expect the course to be quite as hilly as it was.  This was going to be tougher than we expected.

Sara was planning to pace at 8:45 – 8:50 a mile for the first half-marthon and then her time would naturally slow.  I was planning on pacing 8:15 per mile, so the first few miles everybody and their children seemed to pass me.  But before long I was passing runners that looked familiar from a few miles behind.  A year ago, that would have been me being passed because I went out too hard.

As I approached mile 12, I could feel that I had more energy than every before at this mark.  I was able to pick up the pace to right around 7:45 a mile for the last mile.  Overall, I finished my “training” half-marathon in a time of 1:46:34.  I then waited for my beautiful fiancee to come running around the last two turns of the marathon!  She finished in an amazing time of 4:00:24!!!!!!  We are now both marathoners, and she even beat my fastest time 🙂  I love her!

What was your first marathon time?

Are you planning on running another marathon this year?

Why don’t you contemplate that as you go for a run today?

Crush it!!!!