What crosses your mind when you hear the word “sponsorship”?  Yeah…it scared me, too…

But, after some research I figured that this could only benefit myself and the other party involved.  This has been on my mind for some time, discussing this with my fiancee and my coach, they both think that it is a great idea to put myself out there and see what is available.

In this juncture, the stars were aligned because I utilize both of the company’s products in my training.  Especially today on my ride up Hwy 1 to Pigeon Point, the wind seemed to be hitting me at all angles, my knees were sore and hurting me, I couldn’t quite find the right gear.  But that chocolate GU was just the burst of energy I needed as I passed Swanton Rd. and dropped the hammer in prep for heartbreak hill.

As I have a 10K race tomorrow, I’m looking to pace myself evenly for every mile.  Recovery comes immediately after the race/run with Bio Skin Calf Skin Sleeves.  I know that you may be hesitant to try any type of these recovery sleeves, and even though I haven’t found any conclusive results depicting one way or the other, I have discovered that I am able to hit it harder the day after a run when I use these Calf Skin Sleeves!

Okay enough of my pitches, but I do want to add that I really do use all of these products through all of my training and my races!

Now…get out there, be STRONG and CRUSH it!