Ironman Training – Saturdays

On a solid 40 mile training ride this morning, it was quite clear that California is a triathlete’s playground. As I cruised along strawberry broccoli fields, I’m reminded on another beautiful day of how lucky I am. Riding with me are three Ironman Tahoe veterans, all explaining that the worst and greatest moments of their lives are T1 of Lake Tahoe last year. I was simply humbled by their pursuance and devotion to continue in what most of us are calling it an adventure event, rather than an Ironman race.

Moving on for tomorrow, I have an 1:20 run in front of me and looking for a new setting. Driving on down to Monterey with my fiancee as she runs her 17 miles on her way back down off of a 20 mile build-up routine.

Thanks! Comments, thoughts and questions appreciated!