I may not be alone in this, but I find it tough to watch the 2014 Sochi Olympics as an athlete…more so this year than ever. Perhaps growing up in the midwest, playing hockey from a young age and excelling at competitive sports always gets one thinking about if they could, one day, compete for the gold.
As my life has transitioned into triathlons, I find myself comparing to the ITU where the cream of the crop compete. These guys are able to compete in an olympic distance event in well under 2-hours…granted drafting is allowed.
But, back to the events at the Olympics…the biathlon, the speed skating, the alpine skiing. All events that, with proper preparation and training, an athlete like myself could compete at.
Though there are millions of variables as to why one does not compete at the Olympics. For me, I try not to worry about that and focus on what’s in front of me. In my direct future, a 3 hour ride tomorrow up Hwy 1. No major hills are on the agenda, just a good long ride at level 2-3.