What better way to start off a post about my upbringing in Michigan than to state that I live in beautiful, sunny Northern California now! With the winter/polar “vortex” that is going on (yes, another 8-10 inches with negative temperatures), I like to remind myself that I do, in fact, love the snow.  I love and miss the winter!  But this winter is unlike any other!  The most snow in the state of Michigan in the month of January on record…that is intense!

With all of this training before me, I knew it would be a good idea to develop a base before my coach and I really put together my plan.  So Saturday morning, hovering around 40 degrees, we headed up Hwy 1 past Davenport and hit up Swanson Loop.  We were all riding strong and hard, so we turned and hit the loop back again.  A good 4,500 ft in elevation gain!  Incredible!!!!

With the disapointing game last night, it was a good chance to take a step ahead of others with nutrients.  Instead of the standard wings, pizza and beer; we created a cinamon spread, vegetables, and then saltless chips with (no sugar) salsa!  We did have to splurge a little so we had some 100% Beef franks 🙂

But before that, a beautiful 10K race put on by the Santa Cruz Track Club wounded us through the streets on West Cliff through the driving rain and incredible winds!  The most beautiful sights and sounds of the ocean are during a storm when the waves comes CRASHING into the shore and exploding up into the air!

Until next time…dyno stretch, embrace and live that life you always wanted!~